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In simpler terms, a software is a set of programmes or instructions directing a computer to execute clear-cut tasks. Other terms used for software descriptions include set of instructions, applications, programmes and scripts.

In Alan’s Turing essay Computable numbers with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem was when the first software theory was mentioned. But the word ‘Software’ was first formulated in 1958 by John Tukey, a foremost mathematician and statistician during one of his American Mathematical Monthly discussions.

Software Categories

Software can be divided into three categories namely –

  • Programming Software – These are set of tools being used by developers to write programmes. Some of these tools include – text editors, compilers, linkers, interpreters and debuggers.
  • System Software – These mainly serve as base for application software and are written in C programming language. They are responsible for the provision of basic non-task precise functions and management of hardware components. Some of them include- utilities, disk formatters, device drivers, disk formatters, operating systems and text editors.
  • Application Software – These software are designed to execute specific tasks. They are built in form of compilation of small programs or a single programme.  Most basic computer users see application software as being the only category of software. Some of them include – Gaming applications, educational software, office suites and database systems.

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These are the top software products:


Microsoft is unarguably the world’s leading software product. With its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, its sales triples at $103.3 billion far from its closest rival.  Microsoft provides desktop processing services for companies and individual through its popular Microsoft office suite. Other services offered by this software is the infrastructure as – a – service (IaaS) offering, a leading cloud enterprise through Azure.


Located in Redwood Shores, California, Oracle is indeed a huge name to reckon with in the software world. Raking over $39.5 billion in annual sales, the company’s product focuses on license support, cloud services, hardware services, and on-premiere and cloud license. Their top revenue generators are the cloud services and the license support which spawns about $6.662 billion.


With over $27 billion in sales, this German – based international software company has one of the world’s leading product. Its product is mainly cloud based and business software which include – Enterprise Resource Planning, Supplier Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management amongst others.


Based in the US, Adobe rakes over 7.7 billion in annual sales. Adobe’s mission is to change the world by rendering paper to digital storage. Their revenue is generated by creation of digital media products including support services, products and services and subscriptions. Their foremost products include – Experience Cloud, Document Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.


One of the foremost tech providers for travel companies with over $5.5 billion in annual revenue. The Spain –based software company specializes in service booking software, searches and processing software products.


The world’s acclaimed leading provider for small and personal business financial management with about $5.4 billion in annual sales. Their best products include Mint, QuickBooks and Turbo Tax.


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