Welcome to my corner of the internet. Here you can find some of the games, tools, and libraries that I've made:

Red Wizard — a traditional roguelike game in the vein of Rogue, Moria, Angband, and Nethack designed for fun and fast play on phones and tablets — available now on Google Play and iTunes.

Sweet Build — a fast dependency-based build tool using the Lua scripting language to define the dependency graph and build actions — source, Windows, or MacOSX.

Sweet Lua — a C++ library with support for binding functions, objects, coroutines, iterators, and STL containers to the Lua scripting language — source.

Sweet Parser — an LALR parser and parser generation library in C++ with Lua scriptable source code generation — source.

Sweet Persist — a serialization library for C++ and Lua supporting serialization to and from binary, XML, JSON, and Lua formats — source.

Sweet Render - a micropolygon renderer based on the architecture described in the original REYES paper and The RenderMan Interface v3.2.1 from Pixar — source.


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Slightly modified versions of the following libraries are contained within the source archives available on this website and related GitHub repositories:

Lua, written by Roberto Ierusalimschy, Waldemar Celes, and Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo (released under the MIT license).

UnitTest++ written by Noel Llopis (released under the MIT license).

zlib (released under the zlib/libpng license).

libpng (released under the zlip/libpng license).

libjpeg (released under its own license).

The remaining source code available here is written by me and is released under the terms of the zlib/libpng license.